You Are Being Sentimental! – Josh Journal

Why is it so easy in the midst of an argument to accuse the opposing side that, “you are being sentimental”?
How is that ever a valid response? Who isn’t being sentimental? If we were not sentimental, why are we even arguing? Is it wrong to be sentiment though?
Or do you think you are immune from sentiment, sensation and passion?

It is normal to get emotional while arguing. You believe your perspective is right and that of you opponent is either half true or absolutely right. In rare cases, you might believe that both sides are right, but yours is the superior argument.
While we discuss or argue, we believe we are being logical. Our points are backed by facts. Facts that are gotten from the knowledge we acquired. But we forget that this knowledge influences our emotions.

This is why we get frustrated when the other side fails to see things from our perspective despite us dropping this knowledge on them.
We conclude that they must be blinded by emotions.
But ask yourself, how often do you change your mind about something while arguing about it?
The same way you believe you are right is how they believe they are right. So why exactly should they budge first?

If you realize that you are not learning anything new from your argument, and you can tell that the other person is learning nothing new from you, then it is best you end the argument.
But while arguing, it is important that you acknowledge whenever the other person says something you agree with. You should also let them know when you change your stance because of their points.
Also, let them know when their point is valid but you do not agree for personal, religious, political, or any other reason.

As someone who grew up a vivacious debater, really to jump into mental sparring, both formal and informal, I have found the saying that “most people get into arguments and discussions only to rearrange their biases” very true.
Watch yourself. Before you mention that the other person is getting biased or sentimental, ask yourself, am I being emotional right now?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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