You Are Allowed To Learn Your Lessons – Josh Journal

They say life is a school, and we are constantly learning different lessons. When you see some people repeat mistakes and stupidity, you have to wonder, didn’t they person learn lessons from past experiences?
It is like some people are averse or have a phobia of learning.

Some people always want to learn their lessons by themselves. They do not trust the experience or narration of others.
No matter how many books they read, movies they see, music they hear, stories they hear, or events they witnessed, they want to have a firsthand knowledge of everything.

It is like wanting to touch the fire because you don’t trust other’s account of how hot it is. Or trying to taste every food to know which is sweet and which is not.
At the end of the day, you would eventually learn your lessons, but how long will it take? More importantly, what would it cost you to learn?

When someone makes a mistake or encounter some misfortune, if we would be honest with ourselves, it is sometimes funny to watch. That is why bloopers and accident reels have massive views on video platforms.
It is even funnier when the person is a victim of something that common sense should have taught them.

If we had witnessed someone warn them, or we warned them ourselves, then when they capitulate, it is a new level of funny.
We may love them and be concerned about them emerging unhurt, but we still find it funny.

Imagine warning someone about a potential boyfriend or girlfriend, but they insisted, then things went south just as you warned. Won’t you find that funny?
Or you warned a driver not to go down a one way street, but he refused. Interestingly, rather than being accosted by the police or traffic wardens, he was caught by a regiment of soldiers.

As much as you would pity him as he is being punished, a part of you would still laugh at him.
He would learn his lessons, but that doesn’t make the situation not funny. That is just how life is.

Some culprits would believe since they have learned their lessons, served their punishment, or issued an apology, then no one should laugh at them. That is not true.
You are allowed to change your mind, you are allowed to learn your lesson, you are allowed to know and do better. We are also allowed to laugh at you.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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