Habit is defined as an action done on a regular basis.
It can also be described as an action performed repeatedly and automatically, even without awareness.
As children, we learn, we imitate, we assimilate, we are a product of our culture and environment. Consciously and unconsciously, we become a sum total of everything around us. In doing this, we create habits that will go on to make or mar us. Many of us have a wide range of both good and bad habits, and as we get into the age of accountability, we start to decide on which habit to keep or cull.
It is at this point that we come to the realization that habits are easy to create but difficult to dump. Worse still, thanks to human nature, “bad habits are easy to form but difficult to live with, while good habits can be difficult to inculcate but easy to live with”.
The consequences of bad habits include loss of a job, career ruin, broken family, bodily damage and bad health, financial difficulties, mental and emotional breakdown, and other adverse effects.

Humans like to look at bad habits as flaws and weaknesses that we can’t control. Thanks to a new school of thought that is “all permissive”, we now push for “total” self-acceptance. Rather than teaching and encouraging people to overcome their weaknesses and change bad habits, we excuse them and ask “whoever has no sin should cast the first stone”. Until we or our loved ones are the victims at the receiving end of said bad habit.
Every bad habit can be corrected by consciously committing to change. Change might be the only constant thing, but changing an old habit is very difficult, but ultimately worth it.
Replacing a bad habit by immediately inculcating a good one to replace it is an efficient way of correcting “muscle memory” when habit is concerned. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can definitely teach an old man new habits. With lots of patience.
What do you know you need to change? Eating, reading, resting, relaxing, sleeping, dressing, thought pattern, friendship and association, sexual, financial, spiritual, learning? Yours might not be written here, but you know it.
Always know that first, you make your habit, then your habit makes you.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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