Bias is defined as an inclination towards something; it is synonymous with predisposition, partiality, prejudice, preference, and predilection.
A while ago, I heard a wise man say “emotion is stronger than knowledge” and I spent a long time thinking about this.
I have come to the realization that sometimes, even in the face of new revelation of a higher proportion, while all of your logic is leaning towards its veracity, yet people refuse to drop older knowledge for newer ones. That is bias at work.
Change is the only constant thing, until it is in direct contradiction to our bias. We will argue and fight to ensure that what we already know to be the truth is true, even if by no fault of its, it is already an expired truth.
Bias is often tied to our emotions rather than logic. It is the product of our environment, rather than superior knowledge and reliable information. Bias is a culmination of our relationships, culture, religion, sentiment, passion, thought pattern, etc.
As humans, we often find it difficult to change or break from one of these, ignoring better judgment because it does not conform with what we already know.
It becomes a stumbling block to further progress, it breeds all sorts of negativity, from racism to classism, to sexism, to religious intolerance, and other unbelievable low levelness of humanity.
For creatives, it leads to a lack of creativity, innovation, ingenuity, and misguided passion.
Bias can best be conquered by self rather than outside influence. It can be corrected by exposing yourself to newer information in other to build a more updated knowledge base; relying on logic rather than emotion; learning to listen to the other side’s points and consciously submitting to superior argument where necessary.
When it comes to dealing with bias, a stitch in time often saves more than nine.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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