Wondrous Works Through Thine Name (The Good Life)

When Jesus Christ referred to some people talking about doing wondrous works through His name, it is easy to conclude on the culprits being Fake Miracle Workers.
Groups of people we never remember include Armed Robbers who pray before going for robberies, some even come back and thank God for safe “trips”. We do not think about Strippers who say heartfelt prayers before coming out to perform, some engage in minutes or hours of worship sessions, some even speak in tongues while at it. We ignore the men praying a woman’s marriage breaks up so they can get to date or remarry her. And what of the women who seek prayer warriors and prophets on such affairs?
I will not fail to mention men that pray for Holy Spirit direction in picking numbers for the lottery or guys that pray before selecting their picks at the pool. There are lots of other people who do “wondrous works” in the name of the Lord. Not least of them are the Pastors and Prophets involved, including the ones that dream of “winning numbers”, or even give their “picks” right from the pulpit.
Describing something as a miracle or wonderful can be subject to our definition, but being qualified for entry to God’s kingdom is subjective to God’s standard.
Not every one that says unto me Lord-Lord. Check yourself, hope you are not one of those who’ll be guilty of working wonders, without having the Wonder Worker in their lives?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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