Wisdom: Called To Pharaoh’s Court (Genesis 41:1-40) – JOSHUA’S NOTE

Biblical wisdom is about walking obediently with God and applying His truths to our lives.
Wisdom is the ability to see future consequences of present actions.
God’s word is trustworthy and true.
Through the Bible, God teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains us in righteousness. (II Timothy 3:16-17)
I don’t read the Bible because I’m a great saint. I read it because I’ll find God there. – Rich Mullins.
Have a daily quiet time with God, and make an effort to . . .

  • Seek Him with a spirit of submission.
  • Get on your knees in prayer.
  • Study the scripture.
  • Just be still before the Lord, listening to Him.

Time alone with God is vital, and the result of that time alone should be a humble heart and a life of obedience.
Use the acronym SPACE when studying the scriptures:
S – Is there a Sin I need to confess?
P – Is there a Promise I need to claim?
A – Is there an Attitude I need to change?
C – Is there a Commitment I need to make?
E – Is there an Example I need to follow?

Thomas A Kempis’ Prayer For Wisdom:
Grant me, O Lord, to know what is worth knowing, to love what is worth loving, to praise what delights You most, to value what is precious in Your sight, to hate what is offensive to You. Do not let me judge by what I see, nor pass sentence according to what I hear, but to judge rightly between things that differ and above all to search out and to do what pleases You, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

This is W. Joshua’s note from Chapter Seven of the book “Stand: Seeking The Way Of God” by Alex McFarland.
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