Will We Really Be Alright?

How often have you heard the phrase “We will be alright”, “All will be well“, “We’ll be fine” and other supposedly therapeutic words?
Which country has more optimistic people who are watching their country’s fortunes go downhill but keep believing?
Is our optimism going to be a fix to our problem or is it time to opt for pragmatic patriotism?
At the rate we are progressing or retrogressing, will we really be alright?
Should we go on telling ourselves “we will be fine last-last”?
Ask not what your country can do for you, but can our own country really point to anything it has done for us before asking us to do anything for her?
As for those who opt for practicality or are in any way pessimist, are they in any way less patriotic than the rest of us?
Watching countries like Rwanda, Kenya and Ghana purposely make strides to positively alter their future, isn’t it time we stop sitting on our hands and telling ourselves that we will be alright?
APC, PDP, APGA, AD, and every party in between, do any of them have the fix to our predicament?
Do our politicians have any hope left in Nigeria? Do they see a future for this country? Do they in any way believe we will be alright?
Why are politicians flying their pregnant wives and kids abroad to give birth, knowing that such makes them ineligible to run for office?
Considering how Nigerian politicians like to hold on to office, recycle themselves in the corridors of power, then try to get their sons, in-laws and cousins to succeed them, why are they consciously making their grandchildren ineligible to run for office?
Do they plan on repealing that part of the constitution soon, or are they certain that there will be no Nigeria left behind for their descendants to rule?
There was a country“, wouldn’t that be the epitaph on the tombstone on our Great Nation? Or will we rather it be “We will be Alright”?
Another election cycle is here, drama that even fiction writers will consider too ludicrous have started playing out, where do we, the citizens of Nigeria choose to draw the line?
How far is too far? How low is too low? How silly is too silly? When do we decide that we’ve seen enough nonsense and call for a reality check?
If you realize that your captain is leading you astray, when do you stop, check the map, realign yourself and restart your journey?
I really hope we will be alright, but can our leaders, in their “church mind”, come out and tell us that we will be alright?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram. @IJoswil