Wife Material (Being Joshua)

I have been an admirer of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith for a while now. Looking at their family, it seems like the perfect blend of husband and wife material, resulting in arguably one of the most beautiful family in Hollywood.
Nigeria has had a massive fascination with this term, as well as husband material. As a matter of fact, a perfectly acceptable explanation for ending a dating relationship or engagement is “she is not wife material”. Mothers are pressuring their marriage eligible daughters to display more of wife material-ish (or ism, whichever is right).
Meanwhile, I have always wondered, what exactly is wife material? Who invented it? Is there a universally accepted or “Nigerianly” accepted standard? A checklist may be, that I can peruse against a lady to tell if she has passed the Standardized test? And is there a benchmark I am supposed to attain to be acknowledged as a husband material?
Considering how different we are, in preference, character and psychological makeup, would the same thing count as wife material in my sight just as it does to my next-door neighbor? Wouldn’t his definition of an ideal wife end up being my definition of side chick material? What about those that want their wife to double as their side chicks? 
The reality is our expectations in seeking for a spouse is not uniform. One man’s Wonder Woman is another man’s Harlequin and one lady’s Bat Man is another lady’s Joker. But who is to say that they don’t prefer a Harlequin or Joker?
In summary, even Jada Pinkett Smith doesn’t think she is wife material, but she has been married for twenty plus years. Know the kind of person you are and seek out someone who balances you out and is happily satisfied with having someone like you in their lives.
Others might not see you as a husband or wife material, but you are the perfect spouse someone else is out there seeking. 

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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