Why Do Men Cheat? – RHETORICS

Why do men cheat?
Do all men cheat?
Are all men trash?
Are all men dogs?
Who is Scooby, who is Bingo?

Why do men cheat?
Are men polygamous in nature?
Are polygamous men faithful to their many wives?
Does the concept of cheating applies within a polygamous relationship?
Can a man satisfy his wife so much that he earns the right to marry another wife?
Does a man need the permission of his spouse to get an extra spouse?
Is love really cursed by monogamy?
Would polygamy be the fix and make a man not cheat anymore?

Why do men cheat?
Is it ever excusable or permissible?
Can a man ever be faithful to his lady?
Should a man who cheats be forgiven and taken back?
Should a woman ever accept that her man will always cheat?
Do men actually cheat without any emotional connection?
Is sex in itself not an emotional act?
Is sex the only way by which a man can cheat?

Why do men cheat?
Can love make him stop?
Can having a child change him?
Will having more wealth or power make him cheat more or less?
Will he ever change?
Should she stay with a cheat or leave?

Why do men cheat?
Is it just a case of getting extra sex?
Is it more about display and feeling of power, might and authority?
Is it a means of showing off the guile and intelligence involved in wooing a man?
Is it all tied to a basic instinct to “spread your seed” and “sow your wild oats”?
Is it to impress their peers?
Is it to gain respect?
Is it to prove that you are a man, because “that is what men do”?

Why do men cheat?
Is it a case of opportunity meets perfect timing?
Is it cos they know they’ll get away with it?
What of those who get caught pants down in ridiculous positions?
Didn’t they think it through?
Isn’t it always their “first time” whenever they are caught?
Really though, I need an answer…

Why do men cheat?

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