Why Am I Getting Ads To Join The US Air Force? – Josh Journal

Within the last couple of days, I have been seeing adverts to enlist in the United States Air Force and Navy. Knowing how targeted ads work, I had to do a rethink all my recent conversations.
Turns out at no time recently have I discussed joining any armed forces. Not Nigerian, not British, not American.

I have been critical of the Nigerian Police and Army though. Maybe they saw that as a sign of dissatisfaction with the Nigerian setup and think that with a little prompting, I might enlist with theirs.

I am not a pacifist, but I am not one for war. If I had the option to sign up with any military unit in the world, I don’t think I will be in a hurry to join any with the United States.
Their antecedent isn’t exactly one that history is favorable to.

Maybe they need a writer. A storyteller to help craft their story. Maybe they need someone to come help to inspire their troops to greatness. One thing they are certainly not getting from me is just a soldier.

Whatever the case may be, maybe I am reading too much into this. Am I even eligible to enlist?
Is this a sign? Is my “real” country calling me? Am I the one to change the US Air Force?

Just like Sway, I don’t have the answers. One thing I am sure of though, I am not in a hurry to join any armed force.
But never say never.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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