Who Would Teach Me To Love Again? – RHETORICS

How do you describe that feeling when it seems like the love that ended was the last one?
What do you do when that feeling of constriction tightens around your heart?
How do you heal when it feels like this is the heartbreak that would finally wreck whatever piece was left of your heart?

How long is the pain supposed to last?
Can’t the healing process be hastened?
Is there no manual for this kind of thing?
Will falling in love heal you from falling out of love?
What if the pain eventually returns because you never got over it?
Is it even guaranteed that you will get over it?

Is this why some people have commitment issues?
Could this be why some people have almost become mechanical when emotions get involved?
Why isn’t there a button to touch and shut down this section of our emotions?
Or will that come with our next OS upgrade?

And if I never heal from this heartbreak, will I ever get to love again?
Can love be built on pain?
What if I’m unable to connect with anyone?
Who would teach me to love again?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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