Who Is Scared Of Seniorman Kelz? – Josh Journal

It is no longer news that Kelechi Iheanacho is also known as Seniorman Kelz, just as it is no longer news that Leicester beat Chelsea to win their first FA Cup.
While some people (mostly Chelsea fans) want to laugh at the fact that Seniorman Kelz wasn’t as impactful on the day as he has been all season, or that he didn’t score a goal in the final, they should be more bothered about potentially missing out on next seasons champions league.

Seniorman Kelz finally joins the list of illustrious Nigerians to have won the FA Cup alongside Wilfred Ndidi. Meanwhile, Chelsea is about to have their expensive season crumble.
I would love Liverpool to get into the champions league, but that can only happen at the expense of Leicester or Chelsea. My Nigerian affinity to Ndidi and Iheanacho already makes me biased.
There is still the Brendan Rogers connection to consider.

As for the FA Cup final, the beauty of the Youri Tieleman goal is only matched by the drama of watching Ben Chilwell’s goal get canceled. Who would have thought that we would be cheering cancel culture in the final?
Ben Chilwell emerged as the biggest villain of the final. This is despite not playing all 90 minutes, nor having a rough tackle.

When the final whistle finally went, the Joy on the Leicester contingent was palpable. Tears of joy, hugs, high fives, and smiles. It was all in abundance.
A worthy end to the first final featuring fans in England. Hopefully the first of many.

My only displeasure with the celebration at the end was the way the TV crew appeared to be doing everything in their power to ensure the inscription on Kelechi Iheanacho’s Nigerian flag was indiscernible.
Every time Seniorman Kelz was on screen, he was shown just enough to be recognized, but not enough for viewers to read what was inscribed on his flag.

Considering how influential Kelechi Iheanacho has been to Leicester this season, he should normally be having more screen time, but it looked like the TV crew was scared to get a political message beamed around the world.
This is in keeping with a recent move by most football ruling and transmission bodies to keep politics out of football.

If only someone from the MCR had made the effort to read what was written on Iheanacho’s flag.
“Seniorman Kelz”. What is less political than that? I had to get on Twitter to figure out exactly what was written on the flag.

Did they think it was a pro-Biafra message? Or are they scared to broadcast #EndSARS? Or is it a call to end the violence between Israel and Palestine that they are scared of?
At a point, their ploy to hide the message while showing Iheanacho was just ridiculous.

This desire not to ruffle feathers is one that would eventually backfire on football. Footballers are humans and humans are political.
Attempts to hide their messages will only pique curiosity in viewers. And just like I did, they will end up on Instagram or Twitter to confirm their suspicions.
Seniorman Kelz is the least the censors should be worried about.

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