Who Does That? – RHETORICS

One of my friends posted a status, who does that?

As in what was written on the status was “who does that”?

After spending a good deal of time thinking on it, I had to send her a message asking who does that?

As in who are they? what did they do? And should they be prepping for a fight?

I am not one to start a fight, but who doesn’t fight for a friend?

Don’t you have those friends who seem more like siblings to you?

I hope it’s not one of my friends or siblings that “did that” cos wouldn’t that be awkward?

Joining your friend to go settle some scores and then finding a close friend or relative at the other end, I wonder, how would you feel?

Now I can’t help but wonder, what did they do that made her ask that question?

A cheating partner? A backstabbing friend? A greedy business partner? A loud-mouthed neighbor? A disturbing colleague? An annoying Love prospect?

Ever had one of those? Ever had a reason to yell “Who in their right mind does that”?

Or was it a whispered “What do you think you are doing”?

I think I need to sit with her and just have this talk in person with her. Or what do you think?

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