Who Can Find The X? – RHETORICS

As an art student in high school, I already knew how useful and useless mathematics was going to be for me. And today, I think it is time for us to address the useless topic of “Can you find the X?”
In my three years in senior secondary school, every term, nine terms in total, a mathematics teacher must come back and ask us, “can you find the X?”

First things first, who misplaced the X? Why should I be looking for something I do not know how it got missing? And why does X keep getting missing?
Is the teacher that careless? Or are they just being mischievous?

On second thought, was X being maltreated, and always seizing the opportunity to escape?
At a point, we need to ask ourselves, “does X want to be found?”

Back in high school, they lied to us that Finding X was very important. Some even said it is one of the building blocks of mathematics. Why the lies?
We could have spent that time practicing our writing, or speaking, or acting, instead we were busy looking for something that we did not lose. In my over eleven years of working, no time has my boss ever asked me to find the X. Why exactly did I learn it then?

Before you say it is useful for science students, that is a lie too. I work with engineers every day. At no time have I met them befuddled, then ask, “what is wrong?” And then they’ll reply, “we can’t find X.”
Have you ever seen such?

At this point, we really need to look into this. If you see me run for public office, just know that this is my number priority. Why exactly are we still finding the X?
Fathers spent all of high school searching for X. Children did the same. Now grandkids are repeating the cycle. When will this end?

If we eventually find the X, will Nigeria be better? Does X hold the key to our national prosperity?
If it doesn’t, at this point, I think we should just let it go. Abi e no dey tire you?
Do you know the most painful part of this matter? Finding the X never got anyone the Ex they wanted. How messed up is that?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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