When They Ask You – RHETORICS

When they ask you, does he love you?
How do you know that he loves you?
Are you sure he’s got eyes only for you?
Do you have the answer?

When they ask you, how has it been being with one guy?
All these years, do you think he has been faithful?
Can you trust him when he is not here?
Do you have a response for them?

If they ask you, how long more before he proposes?
Is he serious like this?
Are you sure he is not having second thoughts?
Can you tell them there is nothing to worry about?

Whenever they ask you, do you see yourself with him forever?
Is he the kind of guy you want to be the father of your children?
Are you not scared of forever?
Do you answer them with a smile and confidence?

When they ask you, why do you trust him this much?
Are there no better men out there?
Is he down for the long haul as you are?
I want you to tell them, “all the feelings I’ve got for him, he’s got it twice and over for me.”

With all I hold dear, I can assure you that I am in this with you forever.
I want you to go to bed at night, knowing that someone is out there wishing you only the best.
If this heart could talk, you will never have a reason to doubt us.
Can you say the same?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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