When NYSC Go Expire? – RHETORICS

Can we still remember why the NYSC was founded?
Can we tell if it has served its purpose of unifying the country better than before?
Can those who got to see other parts of their country, away from their home, schooling or residential environment not look back at that period with fondness?
What about those who meet their spouses as natives, residents or visitors of the locality they were assigned to?
What do those who are happily married to co-corpers all these years later think about the scheme?
Can we talk about natives whose first exposure to anyone outside of their locality was thanks to the NYSC?
Students who got great teachers? Patients saved by incredible doctors and nurses? Regular people who got inspired to go to school just by watching smart beautiful corpers in their khaki uniforms?
Can we talk about Community Development Service projects that have been beneficial to fathers in the nineties, and their children in the two thousands? Personal project by corpers, even unofficial ones, that changed the life direction of individuals and communities as a whole?
Can we look at roles played by corpers in elections? Including those who paid the ultimate price in the defense of democracy? The pain borne by family members left behind ruing their losses and then say NYSC is a waste?
Can we objectively look back and say NYSC is past its sell-by date or totally unnecessary?
Does NYSC become optional because our superstar minister didn’t comply with the law or should we make an exception for her, even though many others will give an arm and a leg for the same exception?
When did going into the state assembly become a substitute for going to serve your fatherland? Or which corper wouldn’t prefer to be in his own state assembly rather than traveling to unknown lands in the name of national service?
Now that it is looking more and more convenient for politicians, and it’s looking like people just won’t take ridiculous explanation, isn’t it time for self-serving politicians to scrap NYSC? Or is it just easier to forge a completion or exception certificate?
Most importantly, what is the appropriate response for the next politician who tells us that someone didn’t really need to have done NYSC?
On a side note, is Davido really serving? Does he collect the 19,800 Allowee? What does Chioma, B-Red and Sina Rambo think about it? Does Davido plan on running for office anytime soon? 

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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