What will you remember? RHETORICS

One question I have heard asked a thousand times and more, is “what will people remember you for?”
What will be your legacy? When your name comes up, what memory will people attach to your name?
As I like to do with these questions, I sat down to think about it. Truly, how will people remember me?

With this in mind, I plotted my future. I want to leave a legacy of greatness. Wherever I step out from, I want to leave it better than I met it.
How about you? What will you like people to remember about you?

Across nations and generations, I want my name to evoke smiles. I want to be known as one of the greatest writers to ever walk this earth. Hopefully, my writings outlive me. More importantly, I want to be on the right side of history.
How about you? What will you want people to associate your name with?

When I got to that conclusion, something else occurred to me. I have plans and have dreamed about what others will remember about me. But what about me?
What will I remember when I look back at my heydays in the twilight of my life?
I have wondered about greatness in the sight of others, what about happiness as I wind down my time on earth?

The truth is that in dreaming about legacy, we only look at it from the perspective of others. We are the last people on our own minds. That is if we are on our minds at all.
Don’t you think it is time to change that?

As we aspire to be viewed as successes, we should work towards being the kind of success we need. Not only for others but for ourselves also.
Your name might or might not live forever, but in the little or long time you have here, find your joy. Or don’t you want to be happy?

As you strive for more to take care of others, take a little and take care of yourself. Spend time with loved ones, not only money on loved ones.
Live in the moment, not only for the camera. Laugh from the bottom of your heart. Enjoy the company of those that matter to you. Or do you know the last time you will see or talk to them?

In our old age, on our dying beds, this will be what we will remember with a smile and tears of joy.
Your memory for others is important. Your memory for yourself is more important.
You may have little power over how you will be remembered when you are gone, but you do have a lot of say in what you will remember before you are gone.
What will you remember when you look back?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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