What Is It With Men And Dogs? – RHETORICS

As a child, one of the weirdest quotes I heard was “all dogs go to heaven.” Did you ever hear it too?
Like what is the genesis of this? Did someone die, then came back to life and announce that all he saw in heaven were dogs?

Hold on. Is it the same heaven that humans go to that the dogs will go to or do they have their own heaven?
I know a couple of people who will try harder to get to heaven if they will be reunited with their pets that have passed on, there. Think about it, don’t you know someone like that too?

Don’t you know someone that loves their pets just a little too much? And what about those that call their pets their babies?
For me, puppies being in heaven will be cute, but I have my reservation about those big ferocious dogs. Who wouldn’t?

For people that are scared of dogs, will they want them in heaven though?
The one thing you avoided on earth all your life, now you need to spend eternity in close proximity with one. How would that work?

Since we are on this subject, let us just go all the way and talk about this;
The phrase, “all men are dogs”, where did that start from? Who was it that saw both subspecies and decided to categorize them as one?

What man, what dog, and what occasion inspired this theory? Was there a research done to prove it? Was a paper presented to support the position?
More importantly, what traits do man and dog share that justified this reclassification?

Considering that a dog is supposed to be “man’s best friend”, should men be upset that they are called dogs? And if dogs could talk, would they welcome the comparison or would they protest?
If only they could talk. Or can dog Whisperers get us their opinion on this particular issue?

I generally am not the biggest fan of dogs. Puppies I can hang with, but once their fangs start showing, let’s just say if the owner was my friend, they should expect me to come visiting a lot less often.
More important than my fear or dislike for canines, if all Men are dogs, and all dogs go to heaven, can you see where I’m going with this?

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