There are somethings which I just find “Impossible” to bear. Some people might feel the word “HATE” might be too strong to describe these feelings, but trust me, this thing hurts more than you think.
It happens that I’m, in a position to change some of these “Situations” but, I just cant help some of them. And even when I try to run away from them, they begin to vehemently put their faces in mine.
I’m gonna share a number of them with you, and you can share yours by leaving a comment below.
I hate it when My Boss who happens to be a novice on a subject keeps pushing a wrong decision/view at me.
(Sometimes, I feel like punching him in the face, but that might cost me my job.)
I hate it when an Adult authoritatively displays his/her foolishness.
(Sometimes I try to correct them, but they’ll mostly use their age as a reason they should be wiser than me, while some will even claim experience is the best teacher.)
I hate it when Someone repeatedly refuses to take correction.
(Dude, no one is an Island of knowledge. You shouldn’t hoard it, neither should you refuse new ones. It’s impossible to know everything, but it’s possible to learn something New.)
I hate it when Someone tells a lie right to my face.
(Sometimes, I already know the truth, but will keep leading the person on, just for the fun. But it gets a lot more annoying when the person in question is openly trying to make a fool of you.)
I hate it when I’m telling the truth to a person, but the person just wouldn’t believe me.
(Excuse me Sir/Miss, Not everybody that lie like you do, so believing me might just do you some good.)
I hate it when The Person I’m trying to ignore keeps putting himself in my face.
(Irrespective of the fact I’m actually shunning, ignoring, shutting or even giving him the “silence treatment” He just won’t get the message.)
I hate it when I’m trying to talk to a girl, and she believes I’m hitting on her.
(Is there nothing else a guy can talk to a girl about other than asking her out or hitting on her? come on…. Even when I’m trying to ask for directions, she’s busy trying to “form levels.” If I wanted to ask you out, I’ll not be asking all the questions, I’ll be forthright with you)
I hate it when a girl I’m not interested in keeps throwing herself at me.
(Ladies, please, if he’s not interested let him be. If I’m not interested, someone else will surely someone else will be. So just let me be.)
I hate it when someone wants to force me to love a song.
(We don’t share the same brain, so I wouldn’t necessarily love everything you love. Your best choice might be the worst to me, this shouldn’t make you pick offense. And if I tell you I don’t like it, then put it off or listen to it alone.)
N.B: This also applies to books, movies, artist, athletes, sports, clubs, videos, and every other thing.
I hate it when an established artist begins to put out trash songs.
(Do they take us for fools. You are a success today doesn’t mean we the fans will follow your lead blindly. If you have no sensible song, just shut up, and we’ll continue to celebrate your past glories.)
I hate it when a person continually puts up with an undeserving spouse.
(Relationships are meant to be enjoyed and not endured. He makes your life a liveing hell, cheats on you, beats you, treats you like trash, then what are you still doing with him? Trust me, there are over a thousand and one guy who’ll be happy to have you. Leave him alone and move on with your life.)
N.B: This also applies to guys. And no Guy or Lady is so good that You’ll die if you don’t date her. GROW UP PLEASE.
There are still a lot of them, but I’ll leave the rest for another day.

The fact is the things sometimes act as comic relief to me, but when it gets over-bearing it begins to piss me off.Feel free to share with us some acts, habits, or things that annoy you.