What Happened Before Moving Day? (Deputy Girlfriend)

I got home that night, knowing on Saturday morning, Tomi would be moving in with me, I had to clean up.
Thankfully, I have always been an organized person, so I had minimal cleaning to do.

Wait. Why am I even cleaning up? Is it not Tomi that is moving in, or is it someone else?
Tomi is like “one of the guys” to me. Yes, she is gorgeous, but she is still “my guy”. We’ve known each other since forever, we’ve seen each other at our best and worst, I should even scatter the room a bit so she has some work to do when she moves in.
We don’t want her feeling too special.

Either way, I need to make space for her to keep her stuff. I know ladies tend to have more clothes than guys. Imagine having to match shoes and bags.
I have only two pair of shoes; one black and one brown one, and one pair of sneakers. Any colour of cloth I own must fit with one of the three.
If it doesn’t fit, I’ll still wear it like that.
I thought they said, “when in doubt, go with black”?

Eventually, I freed up half of my wardrobe. This girl better appreciates this. I hate searching for my clothes in a bag. Worse still, it won’t look as smooth as when I ironed it. Damn!
The things we do for the ones we love.

Eventually, it was time to sleep. I had a big day ahead of me tomorrow.
Wait. Am I not supposed to inform my landlord that someone was moving in with me?
I’m tired.

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