What Are You Doing On The Computer? – Josh Journal

Almost every time I watch someone use the computer in a movie, be it Hollywood, Nollywood, or any other wood, I end up asking myself, “is it the same computer we are using, or is this one different?”
I’m not talking about the brand or model. I mean more of the idea of a computer.

The computer has been my work tool for over eleven years now. Hardly does a day go by without me having to operate one.
I also have a large team of computer users around me. They are involved in everything from graphics design to music production, video editing, typing, programming, and other tasks. We use different brands, from Apple to Microsoft, Chromebook, HP, Dell, and others. Laptops and desktops alike.

When this particular issue started to bug me, I had to do a double-take to ensure I wasn’t the one using the computer wrongly. Turns out I was right.
Whatever it is that they do in movies, they use the computer totally differently from the rest of us. If you doubt me, go and open any computer usage scene in movies and compare it to how you use the computer.

First of all, they type way too much. Irrespective of your duties, you don’t type half as much as they do in movies. Unless you are a typist at a business center, you most likely do not type half as much as they do in movies.
So much typing, with minimal use of the mouse.

It is like they don’t have a mouse, or it is a useless prop.
On screen, the programmer is typing, the graphics designer is typing, the hacker is typing. And they are all typing like it is an Olympic sport.

Secondly, why are they typing with so much force?
No one I know types like they are fighting with the keyboard. The only time people are forced to type half that hard is when the keyboard is faulty and unresponsive.
If you try to type the way they do on TV, you will damage your keyboard in less than a week.

There is also the fact that your fingers, wrists, and elbows will hurt.
Is it that those people on screen don’t know how to use the computer or this is a habit they carried-over from acting with typewriters?

Whatever the case may be, don’t learn from them. Use the keyboard like a normal human, else you will damage someone else’s PC.
And you must pay before they let you leave.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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