What Are Friends For? – RHETORICS

We aren’t just friends, we are besties. We hang out, we chill together, and we gist one another. We wish each other well, we encourage one another, and as friends, we lift each other up when we are down.

But something just came to my attention. Do you really want what’s best for me? Do you have my best interest at heart? Should we even be friends?

Whenever I share stories of my failure and downfall, my tales of woes with you, you seem a little too enthusiastic to hear more.

You never support me to take constructive steps, but you are always in a hurry with me to wreck things. Is that what friendship is to you?

And when I come to you with good news, you seem reluctant and question everything I have done right. Is it that you believe I am not capable of achieving something worthwhile?

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Are you only interested in me being in need? Am I your source of validation? Making you feel that you are a success in comparison to my failure?

Why is it you are always in a hurry to share bad news? How come you always forget to tell me when opportunities that I am qualified for open up? How long do I have to wait to get a genuine compliment and not one laced with a side dish of insult, sarcasm, and narcissism?

What do you stand to gain from my failure? Are you more interested in me being subservient to you than me finding success elsewhere? Is your ego and appearance more important to you than my life’s value?

What are friends for? Gossiping? Malice? Backbiting? Unhealthy rivalry? Tearing down one another? Pretense? Hypocrisy?

Are friends not meant to lift each other up, show one another the way, and be sources of respite, refreshment, and resources for one another?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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