Welcome To My Office #ToTheAltar

My search for a husband has not yielded much result in church. Maybe it is time for me to get professional about it. I need to expand my search to the office.
And that is exactly what I did.

I work with an ICT firm. We provide technical support to different companies. Providing internet, software, maintaining hardware, and other things for these offices.
We also custom-build software for companies.

The company is owned by one of my dad’s friends, but his son runs it.
That is not to say I got this office based on nepotism. My credentials opened this door for me. As a matter of fact, they were trying to recruit me before I finished university.

I had done my internship with a rival company, and my dad’s friend met me at an industry event. He thought I was there as an intern to do menial jobs for my boss.
He asked about my dad and was talking the way those old men talked to babies. After all, he has known me since I was a baby.

All of that changed when my firm presented a software that was going to be revolutionary. My boss announced that I had been one of the top programmers on the project.
You need to have been there to see the way daddy’s friend turned around to look at me.

Before the presentation was over, he walked over to me and asked me to come to see him at his office. I collected his business card and agreed.
The next day was a Sunday, by evening, as we relaxed, we heard a knock on the door.

I opened the door to find my dad’s friend there. He came in and immediately after greeting my parents, he mentioned that he didn’t know I was a computer guru.
My dad laughed and said I always liked computers as a kid. That they got me one for my thirteenth birthday and ever since then, I have been working miracles with computers.

Daddy’s friend was smiling from ear to ear. Next, he said my dad was a bad friend. My dad sat up in shock. He asked what his offense was.
His friend replied that since his daughter was interested in computers, that why didn’t he send me to his office to come and learn.

My dad was less shocked. Apparently, he is used to his friend being dramatic and over the top.
Daddy said it escaped his mind. That I would have come intern at their office, but I was almost done already. There was no need to rock that boat.

Daddy’s friend said no problem. That as long as I come to work for him as soon as I left school.
My dad turned to me and said, “congratulations. You already have a job offer.”

I replied that I’d have to wait until then, as I might still get other offers.
As my dad began talking about me not stressing myself to search for another job as jobs were scarce, his friend cut in.

“Don’t worry, whatever they are offering, I will match.”
My dad was shocked. He couldn’t believe his ears. He turned to his friend for an explanation.

“See, don’t worry about explanation. Your daughter is indeed a guru. I need her at my firm. Whatever she needs, we’ll give her. As long as she works with us.”
You need to see the way my mummy was blushing. She was really proud. I had done the impossible.

As soon as our visitor left, my parents turned to me. They needed an explanation.
I told them what happened at the exhibition and they were happy for me. Daddy said I shouldn’t feel pressured to work anywhere. That I should forge my own path.

By the time I graduated from the university, I was an even better programmer.
Daddy’s friend came with my parents to my graduation. He has been keeping tabs on me since that day at the exhibition.

After taking pictures, he gave me a gift. I opened it to find a high spec MacBook Pro.
You should have seen how excited I got. This was my dream system. I thanked him profusely. In response, he asked me to come to see him at the office anytime within the week.

I went to his office on Monday but got there while their management meeting was on.
His secretary asked me to wait at the reception area until they were done. I sat and began looking around the office. This is a fine place. It might even be fun to work here.

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