We Met Up – Josh Journal

Do you remember when I committed to a social life this new year? I met up with some friends! I did it. That is one notch on my social-life totem for 2021.

It is worth noting that this has been long in the making. Tobisco and Mummy Toba are two close friends of mine. Mummy Toba had gotten married in the middle of 2019.
As former classmates, we were all supposed to show up and support her, but it will take more than just classmates to get me out of my house. Mummy Toba is more than just classmates.

Unfortunately, Tobisco couldn’t make the wedding due to work commitment. I ended up going with Fela, who was supposed to be at the meetup yesterday. Alas, he had another wedding to attend again.
Maybe this is a sign for him.

It felt good seeing friends after a long time. That feeling is priceless. Those are moments we’ll remember with smiles as we get older.
We caught up, discussed incidents from our past, and shared a bit about the future. One can only pray that what we desire, we find.

When I mentioned that yesterday was also my mum’s birthday, Mummy Toba insisted on sending her a gift. My mum was gladdened that someone she has never met up with, just heard about her birthday and sent something.
It did make her day more memorable. Thank you Mummy Toba.

And did I mention that Mummy Toba’s baby is cute? Like super cute! He is a good enough reason to go visit again.
I will try to arrange another meet up as soon as our respective schedules will allow.

A wise fellow once said friends are the family we choose ourselves. Wholeheartedly, I agree.

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