We Are Here (Deputy Girlfriend)

As soon as the car pulled up in front of my house, I began feeling some palpitations. We are here. There is no going back.
You need to understand, I have never shared accommodation with anyone before now. Not even a guy. And here I was starting with a lady.
This is a big mistake.

We got down from the car and began carrying Tomi’s loads. There were two big boxes, two medium-sized bags, and three big buckets filled with pots and other utensils.
With two trips to and from the room, Tomi had successfully moved in.

On my second trip to the room, I could see my neighbor, Mama Nonso peeking from her window. What was she looking for?
As soon as I stepped inside, I could hear her footsteps as she darted out of her room. She was definitely going to meet Mummy Tosin.

These women were the gossip champions of my house. Scratch that. They were the gossip champions of my street.
If there was a national and international gossiping competition, they would be undisputed champions. If gossip was an Olympic sport, these women were a guaranteed source of gold medals for Nigeria.

With women like these here, Tomi’s presence here was a bad idea. I really should have thought this through.
As much as I know Tomi and I would be targeted for their gossip, they were the ones I pitied more. Tomi is not one to take bottom-barrel behavior lying low.

When Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high,” Tomi had left the room. She is not a disciple of the gospel of “turn the other cheek”.
These are interesting times we live in. I just hope I don’t miss out on the action.

Wait. I should have first say I hope I don’t get caught in the crossfire.
Whatever will happen tomorrow, we are here already. Tomi is here to stay. Those women better watch their back. And their mouths too.
Wait. What is that I smell?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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