Warn Yourself – Omawumi (Song Of The Day)

Warn yourself, off the Lasso of Truth album, is Omawumi’s way of letting the world know that she is beautiful, and she knows it.

She doesn’t need validation from anyone. She doesn’t need your praise in other to appreciate herself. Like I would say, “a babe is a babe, any time of the day, any day of the week, all 52 weeks of the year.”

Some guys, once they ask a lady out and she turns them down, they immediately start verbally abusing and disrespecting them. That is a sign of stupidity and immaturity.

What I find more disturbing than that is the fact that some ladies begin to doubt themselves whenever this happens.
Stop. Wait a minute. Do you think if he truly thought you weren’t beautiful, he would have tried asking you out in the first place?

He is claiming that he only wanted to manage you and you are believing him. Babe, warn yourself. You are not something to be managed.

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Does that mean the rose flower has to convince every Thomson, Dickson, and Harrison that it is beautiful?

Your beauty, your worth, your class, is not up for discussion, negotiation, or argument. If he has chosen to be blind to your value, leave him to God. May God heal his blind heart.
It is not his eyes that are blind, it is his heart. Only God can heal that.

Omawumi is a vocal powerhouse. I remember her performance on West African Idol. She wasn’t the winner back then, but she gave Timi Dakolo and the remaining contestants a good competition.

Her vocal prowess is one that makes spines tingle. The flow of warn yourself isn’t one on which you’ll expect to hear a vocal show off. It is supposed to be a dance tune. But Omawonder is the Queen of Vocals.
She doesn’t just show off her vocal range, she leaves you dancing and wondering, “how is she so good?”

I am still looking forward to that Omawumi and Waje joint project. I might have to take a day off to digest it when it eventually drops.

As much as warn yourself is Omawumi talking to the guy not to take his shot at her cause he can’t handle her and all of her goodies, you also need to warn yourself so you never settle for less than you deserve.

The best part of writing this piece for me is remembering that I know ladies who are just like Omawumi in this song. Beautiful, self-assured, high expectations, intelligent, and happy to flaunt it.
They are strong women. And unapologetic about it.