Wahala Ambassadors – Josh Journal

In my years on earth, there is a class of people I have learned to avoid; the wahala ambassadors.
Who are the wahala ambassadors?

These are a unique set of beings who feel uncomfortable if things are going too smoothly. They want a storm, a clash, a throwdown, a beatdown, a fight.
Peace and quiet is a foreign concept to them.

Wahala ambassadors don’t need a second invitation to foment trouble. They don’t even need you to complete giving out the initial invitation.
They will escalate issues while you are still contemplating letting go.

Almost everyone knows a wahala ambassador or two. And if you don’t know one, there is a possibility you are the one in your circle.
And no, it doesn’t have to be physical violence.

They are the one that will urge you to do the most ridiculous thing that you both know will get you in trouble. When you feel moved to apologize, they will stop you and dare your opponent to do their worst.
Wahala ambassadors will plant seeds of hatred between two friends. They always have the latest rumors.

Mind you, their rumor is never one that will leave you at rest. It is always one that will leave you disturbed and agitated.
They are always bearers of bad news. Even when there is good news, they find a way to highlight whatever sore point they can raise.

They are experts at gaslighting and only talk you up when you are about to do something self-destructive.
Listening to them is a surefire way to self-sabotage.

Wahala ambassadors will always be present in our live. A major part of growing up is learning how to engage with them without having them influence us.
Some of them have gotten the biggest smile and most affable personalities.

Toxicity doesn’t show on the face. Be careful how much you allow yourself to pick offenses just because others prompt you to.
More importantly, check yourself. Do you have wahala ambassador tendencies or traits? Are you the one people should be avoiding?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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