Value Is Not Favor – Josh Journal

There is an ugly tendency I am seeing more among Nigerians; treating people offering value as if they are granting them a favor.
Where did we learn this from? Why exactly do we do this? Why don’t we respect value?

Someone comes seeking a job, he is offering value in exchange for a paycheck, and you treat them like you are doing them a favor.
What is it with us and a lack of respect for value? Why can’t we treat those supposedly “beneath” us like they are worthy of respect?

I have a running gag of applying for jobs to see if “I’ve still got it”. Some bosses and recruiters are actually respectful and see applicants as bringing values.
Others act like they are doing you a favor by offering you a job. If I wasn’t up to your criteria, you wouldn’t have shortlisted me.

If you didn’t need what I have to offer, you wouldn’t have given me a callback. Then why can’t you respect me and the value I bring?
Why treat me like you are doing me a favor?

You might not know my worth, but I know it. I won’t allow anyone treat me like I don’t matter. I hope you see your own worth.
You might not be wealthy, or the smartest, or the best looking, or the best dressed, but you bring a value that no one else does.

They are not doing you a favor by giving you a chance. When they give you a seat at the table, it is because you earned it.
And if they keep disrespecting you and act like they are doing you a favor, or that you would be nothing without them, then it is time to say goodbye.
It is an exchange of value. You deserve to be respected. Take your stand.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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