Valentina: A Valentine Story – Part 2 (The Women I Love)

On the first day of February, we got into class to meet a massive bouquet of flowers on Valentina’s table. All the girls quickly gathered around her, discussing who the sender might be.
Whoever this guy might be, he is definitely going over the top to win her heart. I need to get to him and get him to calm down.
He is about to mess things up for all the other guys.

Girls love competition. Even when their perceived rival is out of their league, they still want to be treated equal, if not better. Whoever this guy is, if he sets the bar too high, no boy in this school stands a chance of bagging another girl.

Classes went on as normal, but as soon as the bell for break time went off, a cute looking boy from our junior school walked into the class.
He walked up to Valentina and ask loudly if she was Senior Valentina. Immediately he started speaking, he had the attention of everyone in the class.

When Valentina confirmed her identity, the boy opened his school bag which he had behind him and brought out a bottle of perfume.
Everyone in the class went crazy.

Silently, the boy exited, and everyone swarmed Valentina. She didn’t even have a chance to ask the boy who sent him.
All the boys began exchanging looks, we knew we were done for.

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