Vacancy: Girlfriend Wanted

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 It’s official, Your’s Sincerely is searching. Searching for “The One”. That special someone, who is supposed to make all the difference in my life, for whom I’m supposed to be willing to go to any length. Before we even begin to talk about this, I want to make one thing clear, “The One” can only be a female, either a girl, lady or woman. (I’ll talk about the difference in another post, possibly tomorrow, if you wanna help me with that, feel free to drop a comment).
 I spent the first fifteen years of my life looking at only the negative parts of the female folk. That wasn’t my fault, as their case was not helped by the fact that some of the worst persons I knew on a personal level were actually females, while the good ones were all kinda in a competition with me. We were constantly at each others throat.
 A couple of years ago, I made a new friend who changed my life forever. She made me see girls from a different perspective, showing me what I had been missing by not having a female friend, while teaching me a lot of things in term of relating with girls. She taught me things I’ll never have known, things most guys never knew, and for the first time in my life, I actually had a non-competitive healthy relationship with a girl who wasn’t in my family.
 I’ll have given anything to date her, she was that much special to me, despite all the dark side there was to her which I knew of, but there is a twist to our story. She stays outside Lagos. Not just outside, but very far away. It will be plain stupidity for me to consider a distant relationship at this time of my life, not with what I know, or what I’ll love to enjoy from any relationship I’m in. Dating her was automatically out of the question. But then, I’m in need of a relationship, I think I’m matured enough for one, I believe I can handle the responsibilities and privileges that come with one.
 So right now, I’m on the look out for a girlfriend, and will share with you what exactly I’m looking for in a girlfriend.
 In the Meantime, I’ll continue with my quest to find “The One”.