Toby Grey – Love Dosage (Song Of The Day)

It’s not Valentine season, but there is no time limit to sharing love. Hence Love Dosage.
Toby Grey does a great job on this track, with soulful vocals that encourages sharing love rather than hate, shade, beef, or diss. Lets just say This song is about positive vibes only.
I wish there indeed is a love pill that will make people just love everyone and everything around them. Cos I know a handful (or more) people who could use it.
Key Advise here, There is no time to waste on negative things and haters of no significance in your life. Time wasted brooding on such is less time spent being happy and creative.
On a side note, Soulful Reggae makes for great Positive Vibes Music.
In the meantime, be that Love dosage, spread love, maintain peace, encourage others, cheer your loved ones, be the reason someone isn’t quitting.

Watch Love Dosage Video: