To Tell Or Not To Tell? (Deputy Girlfriend)

In the midst of all this palaver of convincing Hannah to let Tomi stay with me, I forgot something just as important. I forgot to tell Dan about Tomi’s debacle. How do I even begin?
Do I just tell him straight or do I sneak it into a conversation? Am I just informing him or am I asking for his permission? Does he care about this or am I over stressing things?
Ain’t they done with each other? It’s not as if I am trying to date his ex, I am only accommodating her. Temporarily. Nothing more is going to happen. After all, Hannah agreed. And she is the one who is supposed to have been pissed by the situation.
What if I tell Dan and he doesn’t agree with the arrangement? Do I risk losing his friendship or leaving hers? Why do I even have to be caught up in the middle of all these?
Have they moved on from their breakup? What if there are still lingering feelings or issues? Why did they have to break up again? Why did they hook up in the first place?
I am already getting tired of asking myself these questions. I need to go ahead and have this crazy talk with Dan. But then, how do I tell him?
Is this a chat we can have on the phone or is it best done in person? Do I meet him in private or in public so there’ll be witnesses to intervene when he eventually tries to strangle me? Do I meet him at one of our hangout spots or ask him over or better still, visit him, so his bed will be close by and he can cry into his pillows when we are done?
You know what, at best, he’ll agree, at worst, I’ll end up with a black eye and one less friend. It is time I call Dan.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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