To My Unborn Child – IBY WRITES (repost)

Here I am sitting in the accounts department, waiting for the Chief Accountant to sign the cheques I got on behalf of the organization and on your behalf. Its been 5 days now that I embarked on this herculean task of reaping the fruit of our labor. My Boss at the office feels I should apply “area boy Diplomacy” so as to get the CMD and other appropriate offices to sign the cheques. Every other day, he wants me to be a gentleman and orderly. Even when the weather is not friendly, he insists my tie is well knotted and I look professional as a Learned Gentleman. But on this day, he banished all the Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct because the financial benefit attached to this simply because it is “Fat and Rewarding.”
So, my Dear Unborn Child, I want you to know that every rule has an exception and the weather sometimes is the rule and not the paper. If you ever want to be a learned man like me, then you must first seek “Patience”. This singular virtue can make or mar you. Today being 14 Feb is a day marked out for Calendar lovers to show hypocritical love. It leaves much to wonder why this day brings so much pains and agony to this loveblind seekers. This is not a good day to seek for your “unfound” Mom. You deserve a better Mom but I can’t deny the fact that this day should not be spent this way. Better days await us. I will find you the Best Mom for me and you. A little patience is all we need. I await you soon.
Sincerely yours,
Your Loving Father.

Nwaka Iby aka Gen Baba Ibeji is a dynamic, committed, dedicated and pragmatic young man with extensive knowledge and experience in Public speaking, TV Presentation, Content Writing, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service Management, Sales and Marketing. He is a highly motivated individual driven to achieve results in the most complex environment.
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