Time To Repaint This House – Josh Journal

As a house owner, caretaker, or tenant, everyone has a fair idea when it is the right time to repaint the house.
Despite how informed, interested, and invested each of these parties are in the house, their judgment on when the house is ready for a repaint is almost always different.

The tenant most likely wants the house bearing a new touch of paint as often as possible. They want to live in a beautiful-looking structure.
As for the caretaker, their idea of when the house should get a paint job is often down to if painting it will attract new and higher-paying tenants.

They see painting the house as part of the “business cost”. It is only worth it if it bumps up the “bottom line”.
If a prospective tenant doesn’t care if the house just got repainted or not, then the caretaker is less likely to give the go-ahead for a repaint.

As for the landlord, as long as they don’t live in the house, there is hardly ever a need for the house to be repainted.
To them, a repaint is an unnecessary expense that should be delayed as much as possible. But if the tenant is willing to bear the cost, then they can go on right away.

For a business, a repaint of their premises is either part of the maintenance process or a rebranding of the firm.
I don’t know which of the two categories the recent attempt of one, Adeleye Jokotoye was aiming for when he asked the South West constitution review public hearing in Lagos for a renaming of Nigeria.

I don’t know if Mr. Adeleye is aware of what is happening in Nigeria. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but I think he is in a different mental space.
Renaming a country, changing its currency or flag, announcing a new capital or lingua franca doesn’t change the mindset or attitude of the people of that country.

People are quickly losing faith in Nigeria. It is looking more like everything that can go wrong is going wrong. Almost everyone would renounce their citizenship for almost any other country at the first opportunity they get.
In the midst of all these, the first solution someone has is to rename the country.

I hope this suggestion was thrown out as quickly as it was brought up. I also hope no consultant or committee is being paid to look at this or come up with alternative names.
For the sake of national progress, I hope even more that Mr. Adeleye Jokotoye is a better tax consultant than he is a sociopolitical commentator. Hopefully, he learns to drink water and mind his business too.

The house is burning and the caretaker is calling for it to be repainted.”
That is the easiest way to describe this absurd proposal to rename the country.
In another day and time, it would be funny. For now, Nigeria is in one of those situations where if you laugh, someone is bound to ask you, “what is funny?

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