A lot of people doubt the veracity of the story of Igbo landing, which considering the details of it is understandable. But if you know just the right amount of Igbo people, you will believe it a hundred percent.
The story of Igbo landing is about how a group of people who after being captured, transported across the Atlantic Ocean on a ship overpowered the crew on the ship, got to land safely, then as a unit decided to walk back to their death in the ocean. Singing a song in their native dialect as they did this, with their heads held high.
One of the major reasons people doubt this story is that they do not believe anyone would choose death over a life of servitude. The main reason I believe this story, other than witnessing the level of pride and stubbornness of some Igbo people, as well as the local saying that “Igbos know no king“. Logically, after going through the torturous and near-death experience of journeying from Africa to America, with the flogging and punishment that accompanied any slip-up, or the low quality and quantity of the meals, death becomes a viable alternative.
The lesson I learned from the story of Igbo landing is two-fold; firstly, no one will fight for you better than you can fight for yourself. When it’s time to take action, do it.

Secondly, if the leaders of Nigeria fails in remedying the nation as they promise every election time, when the masses rise up to take action, it will be to an unprecedented level of anarchy.
As much as the ruling class believes Nigerians are docile, when push comes to shove, even a sheep bites. 

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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