This Na Temptation (Deputy Girlfriend)

After having a late and heavy breakfast, (I am tempted to tell you what that delicious smell was, but “yield not to temptation”,) I slept for a few hours.
I was exhausted from all the carrying I had done. It was a well-earned rest.

From my sleep, I could hear some movement in the room. Tinu was shuffling between the room, sitting room, and kitchen. It sounded like she was turning the house upside down.
If I had any more strength left in me, I would have gone to tell her to keep the noise down. I didn’t even have the strength for that.

Finally, Tinu came into the room whistling. Sounds like this girl is hell-bent on rousing me out of my sleep. She had succeeded.
I woke up and turned to face her.

As soon as I turned around, I had to turn right back. There she stood, just back from the bathroom, with only a towel on.
Fast as lightning, I jumped out of the bed and ran to the sitting room. It seems Tinu forgets that she is a lady, a pretty one at that, sometimes.
She is the one temptation I dare not fall for.

I looked at the time. It was almost 4 PM. Liverpool will be playing by 4. I need to get to the viewing center quickly. That sleep lasted longer than I thought.

As soon as I stepped outside my gate, one of the guys on my street greeted me. Two houses down, another did. Even the guys who spent all Saturday playing table tennis and snooker, they all stopped to greet me.
Something was off.
They do greet me on a good day, but not to this extent.

Owww! It was Tinu. They must have seen Tinu move in.
Don’t the boys on this street have a job? It is not like there is a drought of pretty ladies on our street.
Just that they like to see a new one come in. They are bound to be disappointed.
Tinu will mess them up if they give her a try.

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