It’s a normal trend to thoroughly clean up our environment during the weekend. Most times we get too busy during the week to thoroughly clean our surroundings (sort of uprooting weeds) and cleaning up places where feet barely treads. Our major focus is just in-house clean-ups.
So last Saturday, I took it upon myself to clean up the garden. My dad loves trees, fruits, and vegetables and he prefers them freshly harvested, so we have lots of trees in our compound.

It is mango season and the leaves of the mango tree are dropping every now and then. Although I sweep during the week, sometimes the wind blows the leaves to corners in the compound where I’d feel less concerned about sweeping except on Saturdays.
Twigs, branches, leaves, paper, and all forms of dirt littered the surrounding of my compound. I asked myself how possible it would be for me to finish up in ample time to meet up with the appointment I was scheduled to have.

Humming and singing, I swept and cleaned up. I broke twigs, swept leaves, arranged carelessly placed tools, and gathered the dirt together.
I heaved a great sigh of relief and then went ahead to get the trash can to pack the dirt into before going to throw them at the dunghill.

Lo and behold …
I saw the dirts I’d properly gathered scattered, and I’m like… What on earth is this?
Gazing around I was able to figure out the culprit.
It was a crazy hen scurrying her legs on the once gathered dirt looking for God-knows-what to feed her chicks.

This hen must really be crazy!!! Why didn’t she scavenge for worms and ants in the ground for her chicks?
Why wait till I’ve gathered the dirt?

Angrily, I chased it, gathered the dirts it had already successfully scattered about and continued with my clean up.

See friends, there are people like that hen in our lives.
They never want to do anything for themselves. It’s not like they can’t do anything to grow and invest in themselves but they just choose not to. They want ready-made food!

They are like pests that always depend on a host. Lazying around, they wait for your ideas to feast on. They wait for you to begin something and then they steal it from you so the appraisals go to them, or they totally destroy the whole endeavor if they can’t have access to the real deal.
Sometimes such persons increase the spread of things you want, to destroy them like the hen scattered the dirts I wanted to trash and I had to begin gathering them again.

These kinds of people are subtle and sometimes few are bold. Their actions make you know who they really are.
I advise you to chase and break loose from such kinds of friendships and relationships today before all that is left of you is crumbs after they’ve eaten the whole bread you baked!

Be wise.
Life should be symbiotic, not parasitic!

Mordi Comfort is a storyteller, creative writer, event host, and organizer. She uses stories to pass messages, to relate relevant life experiences, and to bring about positive changes in people’s lives.
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