This Happiness Never Change (The Women I Love)

Thank goodness I was not sitting on Happiness chair when she came in. How was I supposed to explain myself?
Maybe she has changed. Maybe she has gotten over our rivalry. We just might end up as friends this time.

Henry the class captain introduced Happiness and me. All Happiness said in response was “So?”.
She never disappoints me.

Henry explained my situation to her and asked if I could join her seat. Happiness replied that she didn’t come to this school to suffer.
Please tell me. How is sharing a seat meant for two with one more person suffering?

She acted like she didn’t know me. Or is it that she doesn’t remember me? Am I that inconsequential in her life that she had forgotten our mental sparring sessions in less than three years?
I don’t even know which part to be more hurt by. The fact she was unwilling to share or the fact that she was this lukewarm towards me.

Happiness left me and Henry standing and went to take a seat. She brought out a book and started reading. I felt bad for Henry. He just got “dragged” on my behalf. He does have this persona of a big boy. I know he must hate this.

As we made to leave, the guy in the seat behind Happiness offered me his seat. His was one of the other three still be shared by two students. This was a huge relief for me.
But then, do I want to be this close to Happiness? I’ve got mixed feelings about this. She can be a great friend if she wants to, but I know the other side of her. Do I want to be close enough to her that she gets repeated opportunities to get at me?

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