“This Cannot Be Happening To Me” – Josh Journal

A common response of “good people” to adversity is to blindly ask, “why is this happening to me?”
They are not asking in order to get to the root of their problem and then look for a Solution. Instead, they are looking for something or someone to blame for their misfortune.

This is a mindset that has trapped a lot of Christians and good people in their worst nightmares.
We forget that as long as we are humans, we are alive, and we are on earth, difficult times will occasionally come around.

The fact that your worst fear is currently happening to you doesn’t mean God is punishing you for a sin. Worse still, for a sin you are not aware of. Or one your parents or ancestors committed.
It also doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you.

Bad things happening to you doesn’t mean you are no longer a good person. An ugly reality is that good things happening to you are not necessarily a reward for you being a good person.
The rain falls on the righteous and the unrighteous, the wicked and the kindhearted.

There are principles that guarantee outcomes, then there is also the law of randomness.
Not every situation has a reason, a purpose, or an origin. Some just happened for happening sake.

Time and chance are just as powerful and true as cause and effect.
When you are going through bad times, it is beneficial to try to trace its origin. But don’t obsess over it.

If you can tell it is not a result of your actions or inactions, accept your reality and strategize on moving out of that situation.
If it will take time to get out of that phase, relax and let time take its course. Focus instead on what you need to do next.

“This cannot be happening to me” is already happening to you. Your hands and heart are pure. Time and chance are taking their toll on you. Your question should be “what next?”

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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