They Said I Say “Sorry” Too Much – Josh Journal

Let me start this swinging out of the park, how can someone possibly apologize too much? Is it actually possible to be saying sorry too often? Isn’t that part of ethics, morals, and civility?
Especially when the person isn’t being self-effacing, or abdicating responsibility for something gone wrong.

What is the alternative to saying sorry too often? To never say it? Or to be more selective about saying it?
I need to find answers to this because this is easily the most shocking response I have gotten to apologizing for something.

Like, I actually made a mistake. You brought it to my notice. I realize I flunked it. What was I supposed to do next?
Am I supposed to just move on like nothing happened? Will it be normal for me to continue the discussion like my mistake doesn’t matter? I am trying to understand, please.

For the life of me, I still don’t understand people who hesitate to apologize. In my opinion, it is just the most basic of decent things to do.
Whoever I’m interacting with, I always want you to be happy. Not the performing happiness or face level one.

If in the course of our interfacing, my actions or inactions have left you unhappy, I think it is paramount for me to rectify that.
In my little mind, the first step to rectifying that begins from saying, “I’m sorry.”

After acknowledging and taking responsibility, next, I want to ensure I fix whatever I messed up.
The truth is not everything can be fixed. Especially where feelings and emotions are concerned. But I think my taking responsibility for my slip-up is a little bit of balm to help you feel better.

So far so good, what is the big deal about all I’ve touched on?
You can imagine my shock when I said, “I’m sorry about that”, and I was met with “you apologize too much”.

I was like wait. How? What? What do you mean? How is that even possible? Are you being serious right now?
What made the situation more annoying was the fact that the person in question is always reluctant to apologize. Dare I say, she hardly ever said sorry.

Not to be guilty of exaggeration or generalization, but the ladies I know tend to be reluctant to accept they are wrong or apologize.
They more often than not need a little prodding, nudging, and convincing on why they are wrong or hurtful.

I know a good number of guys that are guilty of this too, but I’ve honestly seen more of this from ladies. And a few guys and ladies have said the same.
My question though is who rejects an apology?

Not like “I know you are not sorry, so I reject your apology.” Nor is it a “I’m still upset with you, so I can’t accept your apology.” It’s not even a “you repeat this offense too often and only say sorry to escape accountability or punishment, so I’m rejecting your apology this time around. It’s one too many”.
Instead, it’s just a “you tend to apologize every single time you are wrong. Is that really necessary?”

This one incident has not changed me. It cost me nothing to say sorry. At the same time, I’ll never say it if I don’t mean it.
Saying “I am sorry” is now second nature to me. For someone who was very stubborn and ready for a fight, this means a lot to me.

You should be more open to acknowledging your mistakes and apologizing for them. Especially when it costs you nothing.
If you insist otherwise, the least you can do is to not soil and embitter the hearts of others towards apologizing. Sorry, but I’m not sorry to be sorry.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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