The Worst Speaker Ever – Josh Journal

From sermons to lectures, workshops, announcements, speeches, podcasts, radio, and others, I am almost always listening to one public speaker or another.
Listening has been my fastest way of learning and assimilating information. Especially on the go.

This is helpful because I don’t have to give a hundred percent attention or stop whatever else I am doing.
The fact that I can increase the playback speed is also a timesaver. In some cases, I double the speed and make it twice as fast. Even more. And I can hear, understand, and assimilate everything said.

As much as I love listening to people talk, there are some speakers I hear and my stomach starts churning.
This has nothing to do with the accent or their pronunciation of some words. Although that can make communication easier, there is something that counts more than that.

Listening to a public speaker you know his life doesn’t match his words. That is one of the worst feelings ever.
From a relationship coach who isn’t doing well by his wife to a government critic who is getting his bank account fattened up by those in power. This is irksome.

When I happen to personally know the speaker, and I have all the tea on them, as they speak, all that keeps going through my head are the things I know about them.
Mr. Preacher, we both know your wife needs this much makeup because of the slap she got last night.

And you Madam Know-Your-Worth, why are you insistent on staying with an abusive man who is not killing you softly, but rapidly decimating your life span?
Let’s not forget our Mummy In Israel. You are teaching about a bridled tongue, but your tongue is more caustic than acid. We are always ashamed to come to visit your home because of the words you use on your husband.

The life you live will always be louder than any word that can come out of your mouth.
Stop letting people doubt the God you speak of because your life doesn’t match His words you constantly rant about.

No one asked you to be a role model or influencer, but that comes with the territory of being a public speaker and influencer. Stop asking people to ignore your personal life but take your words seriously.
If you know you cannot live what you teach, how do you expect your listeners to do it?
It would serve all of us better if you get off that lectern and get your life in order before coming back.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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