The Wall (YMCMPP)

Great men look to greater men for inspiration. The president of the USA bears the toga of being the leader of the free world. If that doesn’t make him one of the greatest men alive, what can?
Donald Trump is currently the POTUS, and he has inspired us here at the Young Money Cash Money People’s Party. We are not sure exactly what he is doing for the USA, but whatever it is, we like it.
Anyone who followed the last Presidential election campaign in the USA knows that Trump’s main ideology to solving the USA’s migration problem was building a wall. A big beautiful one. And Mexico was to pay for it.  
We thought The Donald’s fascination with building the wall would be limited to his country, but it turns out that he advised Spain to build one across the Sahara desert to stop illegal migrants from crossing into Spain. I am wondering why he didn’t just ask them to build a moat around their country as that would have been both cheaper and more effective. (I am beginning to doubt Trump’s business acumen).
As we all know, Nigeria has been having a running battle with all sorts of insurgents across the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, as well as in the middle belt. I have decided that enough is enough.
The current administration has repeatedly told us that these battles aren’t being fought by Nigerians, rather it is Libyans and other soldiers for hire that have been coming to mess up our country.
We at YMCMPP believe that the time has come for Nigeria to build her own wall. It is going to be the tallest, grandest and most beautiful wall this planet has ever hosted.
The wailing walls in Jerusalem cannot hold a candle up to our wall. The wall of Jericho will pale in comparison to ours, the Great Wall of China is a joke where ours is concerned.
Our wall will be called The Naija Wall. It will serve a lot of purpose. By being the biggest wall in the history of the world, it will make Nigeria more popular and boost tourism. By being a big construction project, it will provide employment to a lot of people. Because it is separating us from the Sahara desert, it will help fight desertification.
We will put solar panels on this wall, thereby using it to provide sustainable energy to a large part of the country. Billboards will also be on it, making it earn money for our nation. Let’s just say this is a gift that keeps giving.
This might seem unbelievable to you, but I can assure you that this wall despite its size will not cost our great nation one Kobo. I can tell you with all sense of assuredness that Ghana and South Africa will pay for it.
How do I know they will? We will make them pay for it. And if they refuse, we will deport every Togolese, Beninese and Congolese.
If you can tell us more ways this grand wall can be used optimally, we promise to write your name somewhere on it.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram. @IJoswil