The Shock Absorber Emergency – Josh Journal

With my experience today, I believe the time has come for the government to declare a shock absorber state of emergency in Nigeria.
Of the one thousand and one ways Nigeria is constantly trying to kill you, commercial drivers have added one more.

The annoying part is their weapon of choice is as slow as death by a thousand cuts.
Considering how bad Lagos roads have been, why would you be driving without a shock absorber?

On my travels today, I used about five different vehicles. None of them had a properly functioning shock absorber.
Each time we got into a pothole, I silently sympathized with yams being pounded in a mortar. When we ran through a speed breaker, I felt for peppers going through blenders.

By the way, why exactly don’t Lagos drivers slow down at speed breakers? Do they think it is there to prove the ruggedness of their vehicles or something?
At this point, if any political party runs with the promise of fixing every shock absorber in Nigeria, they have my vote. In fact, I will campaign for them.

Lagos road and traffic are already killing us. The stubbornness and selfishness of Lagos drivers should not hasten the death.
I need to stop writing now to nurse my back and waist. Tomorrow, I will be writing about the rationing of space in Lagos commercial vehicles.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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