In the world of fashion, there is a highly unhealthy obsession with “Little Black Dress”. Occasionally, there is a welcome distraction which turns our head and gets all tongues wagging. America had the “What colour is this?” dress, people just couldn’t agree on what colour it was, thankfully they agreed that everyone was right, so they moved on. Nigeria got something special, “The Red Dress”.

Truth is unless we get the DSS or EFCC involved in this case, it might be difficult to pin down what exactly went wrong. For the sake of National Interest, I think it is time President Muhammad Buhari steps into this Red Dress matter. He shouldn’t wait until Aisha or Zarah are on either of the ends of this kind of saga. Rather, he should set up a high-stake committee, chaired by our very capable Honourable Minister for Information to get to the bottom of this. His second term election could be tied to the outcome of this investigation.

What else is corruption if not a bride being left in tears on her wedding day only to find her said “missing” Red Dress adorning our darling Mercy Aigbe on the internet? I don’t even know which part of this story I find most painful or insulting.

Mr President, for the sake of National Integrity, before those Ghana people use this as an opportunity to laugh at us again, you need to do something. I believe if we carry out a census asking how many people have lost their belongings to tailors, shoemakers, welders and other artisans under “questionable” circumstances, the result will be startling. A significant percentage of our private, taxable and taxed income just goes missing without justice meted out? Mr President, we cannot take that anymore.

Any presidential candidate who can assure us that cases like that of The Red Dress would not repeat itself in our nation earns my vote in the next election. What about you?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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