The Love(S) Of My Life

 I’ve never been one for keeping much friends, and interestingly, until I finished secondary school, I hardly kept a friend for period of five years, circumstantial incidence made it impossible to remain friends with the same person for such a period of time.

 But in the midst of it all, I’ve always had some special persons, with whom I’ve been a lot closer to, this people were more than friends to me, they were more than siblings, they were more like a part of me. This people defined my life and made me what I am today, I owe them a lot of appreciation (and maybe some blames). Among these people, I’m proud to say I’ve met some beautiful, Intelligent, Interesting and simply wonderful girls. 
 Due to my unusual close relationship with these lovely girls (and ladies) over the years, a lot of people believed I must have dated a number of them (I Wish I Did), but our relationship was mostly platonic, innocent, care-free, and fun.
 I’ve decided to write about them for posterity sake, so everyone who reads this will know them, (hopefully one or all of them also get to read this). And for anyone who recognizes any of these girls, “Congrats”. While for every other reader, I’ll use their initials instead of their names.
M: M was the very first girl I’ll say I had a special something for, We met in the primary school, probably before we turned seven years old, we were part of a three man gang, with the third person being my best friend at that time, a boy who goes by the name of J. 
M was special to me, as she was easily the most beautiful and most intelligent girl I knew back then, All the good memories I have of that school has M in them, after I left the school, I didn’t see her for over ten years, but recently, I met a mutual friend who has her contact details, I intend to renew contact with her in the next couple of weeks. Maybe this time, I’ll take my chances and ask to take our “Friendship” beyond “Friendship”.
(The most intriguing aspect of M and I is that we were a part of each other’s childhood, were best of friends, and our innocence in the midst of such a wonderful relationship is what I love the most about our friendship)
E.E: E was this my class mate at the second primary school I attended, she was the quiet type, not very confident, but what she lacked in confidence, she made up for with intelligence. We were very close until we finished primary school, people even made jokes of her being my wife.
We parted ways after our primary school days, I saw her a couple of times after that, but didn’t talk much, but I’ll admit, she looked better each time I saw her (I don’t know how that’s possible).
I hope to meet her one day, even if we’ll be nothing more than friends, I think it’ll be worth the time and effort.
JC.O: After I spent the whole of my years in Junior Secondary School avoiding girls like a plague, I got to Senior Secondary School, and there I met the most perfect combination of beauty and brain I had ever seen in my life (at that time), She was one of the most popular girls in our class/session, she was not only beautiful and brilliant, but she was also friendly and open minded, she listened to everyone’s opinion around her, was a natural leader, and very humble.
This attracted me to her, and although we did not talk much in our school days, after finishing secondary school, we got to know each other better, and became better friends. I learnt a lot from her (I still do). Happily enough, we are still friends (although I’ll love it if we’ll be more than that) and I hope we remain best of friends for ever.
She changed and upgraded my standard for measuring girls, raising my expectations, and helping me to relate better with girls.
D: Soon after I got into Senior Secondary School, I meet a girl online, she stays outside of Lagos state, but I still wanted to be friends, so we kept in contact. Over the years, we got to know each other better, shared a lot of memories as well as secrets. I learnt a lot of things from her, as she opened up herself to me, making me do the same. She taught me a new type of trust, making me trust in a way I had never done before.
She changed my perception of things, teaching me to see things from the female point of view, helping me understand the female-folk better, making me a better man in the process. We were actually closer than most couples I knew around. From what I understood from her and other couples, I think there’s a probability we might have been closer, or shared more than she did with her boyfriend.
I always wonder, if she was staying in Lagos, or someplace closer, and not half way across the country, Maybe, just maybe we will have dated.
I’ll always be grateful to her for curing a better percentage of my naivety, making me more trusting, more knowledgeable, more experienced, and a better man.
I Love her very much, and we’ll always be best of friends (I hope my wife agrees) .
B: When I got to Senior Secondary School, We also moved to a new house, I had a neighbor who lived just a couple of houses away, someone I’ll normally never talk to, but we had something in common, our love for books. I grew up reading everything that I came across, from novels to textbooks, to newspapers, to magazines, just anything written or printed. I was not selective (except it had to do with figures, basically I was kinda allergic to mathematics).
And here I was in a new location, with basically no social skills, and I saw this girl who I never saw without a novel. We hit it up from there, became best of friends (Which I still don’t understand how, cause we’re very different). 
She was my new source of novels and textbooks cause we were in the same class (but different schools). We had a lot of memorable and intelligent conversations. And she made me see another view of the female folk. She helped me develop my social skills, making me more receptive of people, and brought out more of the interactive person in me.
We’ll remain best of friends for a long time (maybe forever, or until I get a wife) as she’s proven herself to be very knowledgeably, as well as being resourceful.
C: This is most unexpected inclusion on this list, I knew her all through my Secondary School days, She was always in the next class to mine, we saw each other basically everyday, but hardly ever spoke with each other, but there are some facts I’ll admit to, Firstly, she’s very beautiful, also, she’s very intelligent, finally, she’s a friendly person, but we were never friends.
Until recently, (Over two years after secondary school) I was repeatedly visiting my best friend, and her house was just a few streets away. I saw her almost every time I went to visit him, as she was friends with his elder sister.
We began to speak with each other, and became kinda friendly, now I know her a little better, and I can actually say she might be “The One”.
All this people are part of my history, they are a part of me, and have contributed immensely in making me what I am today. 
To everyone of you I want to say a big “THANK YOU”, God bless you all, an “I Love You All”.