The Eyes Sees What The Heart Wants To See (With Love From Dad)

Do the eyes truly see what the heart wants to see? Is there a link between our expectations and our reality? Is the concept of mind over matter real?
As human beings, we tend to trust our own judgment, views, sentiments, assumptions and conclusions over that of others. In truth, how true are we? Especially to ourselves.
The eyes are supposed to be the connecting point between the physical world and our inner being. It is supposed to connect what is around us to what is within us. It is meant to play a key role in informing our judgment. But then can we really trust our eyes? Should we really trust our eyes? Should you begin to have second thoughts about what you see?
A woman begins to suspect her husband of cheating, she looks in his phone and begins to find messages that confirm her fears. A man is insecure about his beautiful wife, begins to notice every man staring at her. How real is what both of these people seeing?
If you ever get paranoid, the world around you would justify your paranoia, if you never trust people you will always have a reason not to, worst of all if you doubt yourself you will always be right about that.
The eye sees what the heart wants to see, because the heart directs the eyes, just as a director tells the cameraman what to shoot.
If you want to change everything around you, begin with your heart. If you can change your heart, you can change your reality.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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