“Dog wey go kill elephant, e go done dey kill rat from small.”
In which universe do dogs kill elephants? Why would a dog need to kill an elephant?
From what I have seen so far, there is a method to idioms and proverbs. As for pidgin ones, there is a madness to them.
A uniquely crazy logic.

It is easy for anyone to boast about their abilities. People will tell you how they are capable of the unthinkable. But when the opportunity to demonstrate their prowess shows, they come up with a thousand and one excuses.
Now they want to explain away why they can’t live up to their talk.

After failing, they’ll blame the tools, the raw materials, the wind and its features, the presence or lack of light, they’ll blame everything but themselves.
If you give them a controlled environment, they will still go ahead to flop.

I can remember people who swore that they could sell ice to an Eskimo. When presented with the chance, they failed to sell cold water to people dying of thirst.
You can’t just trust people based on the words of their mouths. We are the best advocate and advertisers of ourselves.

Your reputation and antecedent, on the other hand, is something I’m interested in.
If you offer me a guard dog, I need to know who trained it and what it has accomplished. And when you offer me a hunting dog, I need to know the breed, or at least, see its ferocity, hunger, and desire.

It cost too much to trust the wrong person. Money will be lost, but time lost will never be recovered.
Before you trust people as employees, employers, friends, and spouses, you need to examine their antecedents.

Take a look at what they’ve done in the past, that would show you what they are capable of.
They don’t necessarily need to have done exactly what you need from them now but piecing together attributes they’ve exhibited, the experience they have gathered, and their response to situations, you have an idea of what they are likely to do in the future.

Don’t ignore glaring signs, then claim you were blindsided. And when you offer people a chance at redemption, start small.
Dog wey go kill elephant, e go done dey kill rat from small.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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