The Couple That Gossip Together… (Deputy Girlfriend)

No Hannah visit is complete without us exchanging the latest gossip. Hannah is an ardent reader of Nairaland and Linda Ikeji’s blog, so she always has the latest tea.
Meanwhile, I get my gossip from Twitter. The gbas-gbos that go on in the comments that follow is entertainment in itself.

As soon as I asked Hannah what rumor and gossip caught her attention this week, she said us.
I was caught off guard. When did our news make its way to Nairaland and Linda Ikeji?

Hannah said it wasn’t like that. She told me she had stopped to buy food at the street before mine. That is where we tend to eat whenever she visits.
As soon as she got in, without waiting for her to place her orders, one of the attendants called her to a corner.

The lady went on to tell her how I had brought a new girl home yesterday. She told Hannah I was unashamedly parading the girl around and I was definitely sleeping with her.
When Hannah asked her if the girl in question might be my sister, the lady insisted there was no way that was my sister.

The lady would go on to gossip about how other relationships in the area got broken because the guy cheated.
She then advised Hannah not to take it easy with me. That I was disrespecting her, and that girl with me is a disgrace on womanhood.

Tomi had spent just one night in my house and we were already the hottest gossip in town. I found the whole situation upsetting while Hannah found it funny.
According to her, there is no point in being pissed when we both know there is no truth to the rumor.

I was too exhausted to bring up any other trending topic. Hannah wasn’t though. She went on to regale me with the latest news on the blogs. I think all of our gossip sessions can be summarised thus, “Nigerians are crazy.”
And apparently, the couple that gossips together stays together.

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