The Company You Keep (With Love From Dad)

Evil company corrupts good manners is a saying you will hear at an early age, but very few people will tell you of another aspect to the company you keep.
Friends and relations are a mirror of who you are, or a picture of what you want to be. Everyone you keep in your life serves a purpose. If you are not sure what purpose they serve, then you need to re-examine that relationship.
No one can take up space in your life without your permission. If you continue keeping the wrong persons in your life, then you could easily end up where you never wanted to be.
It is not all gloom and doom where friends are concerned. The right friend will connect you with opportunities to get better, they will give you emotional and moral support where even your family doesn’t understand you.
You are someone’s “company”, and you are supposed to be a good friend too. You do that by first being the best version of yourself, then constantly wanting what is best for those around you.
Life is not always smooth, you need friends to see you through the bad parts, but when you get to the good part, make sure those friends enjoy the benefits of that good part too.
Never forget, the company you keep keeps you up or down.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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