The Angel With A Cigarette × TREASURED JOURNAL

It was a Monday. The day Anuoluwapo detested the most. It always marked the end of her calm weekend, announcing the dawn of boisterous days ahead of her during the week. She had always wished the weekend would not end as quickly as it always did.

She hated the crazy traffic, the long-distance she traveled before getting to work. What she hated most was having to stick her buttocks on the hard seats the public transport vehicles provided. Sooner or later she told herself, she’ll really need a great massage.

As she alighted at the bus stop, she took a glance at her wristwatch to know how much time she had left before resumption. It was 6:45 AM. She resumed by 9:00 AM, so she heaved a sigh of relief knowing she still had some time on her side. The distance from her house to her place of work took about two hours.

Soon as she alighted, she walked down the pedestrian lane to board another bus that would take her to her final destination. Few meters from the bus park, she saw a man walking in her direction. She cautiously observed him, making sure all her guards weren’t let loose.
Her mind was made up not to entertain any discussion or inquiries from him. Maybe he was one of those corporate beggars who roamed the street of Lagos on Monday mornings, she thought.

The guy was neatly dressed in a blue silky chiffon-like shirt on black trousers. He had his hair finely cut and his beards neatly shaved. He had on an Italian shoe, with a navy blue striped laptop bag to match. His demeanor was business-like, with a smirk that never left his lips.

‘Good morning madam’. He spoke to Anuoluwa, stopping a few feet from her.
Since her mind was made up, she didn’t respond to his greetings. She tried to place his nationality with the accent she perceived in his intonation and pronouncement of ‘good morning‘. In her estimation, he must be Lebanese.

‘Good morning madam. I wouldn’t take much of your time. I just arrived in Nigeria today.
‘How’s that my business? What would you have me do?’ Anu retorted sounding very impatient and irritated.

‘It wasn’t my intention to irritate you. I just wanted to ask for directions. I was very skeptical about asking just anyone for directions because of my luggage. That is to avoid getting robbed’. He spoke pleadingly and it seemed to have an effect on her.
‘Is this mile two?’
‘Yes, it is. So where are your luggage then?’
‘It’s over there at the other lane. I kept it in the care of that kiosk owner. I just needed to move around and ask directions that’s why I crossed over.’ He pointed to a small wooden kiosk across the road.

‘Please is there anywhere I can change the dollars I came with?’
‘I really don’t know but I’ll help you ask. But I think there’s an exchange merchant across the road down that lane’
‘Thanks so much. Could you please come with me so I’d get my luggage and then you’ll show me how to get to the merchant’s office so I can change the dollars?’

‘Alright then. But I’d not stay long cause I’m on my way to work. I don’t want to be late. I’ll just direct you and be gone.’
‘That’s no problem. I really appreciate your help. God bless you.’
He walked before her, she walked behind. The road had become so busy, so they couldn’t immediately cross to the other lane. They both stood on the pedestrian lane, looking sideways to see if the road was safe before they crossed over.

‘Hey! You! Stop there! I say stop there!!!. Madam I say don’t move one inch!!!.’

Anuoluwapo’s attention drifted to the throaty hoarse voice that called out towards her direction.
She turned and saw a guy running toward their direction. He wore a faded grey t-shirt and black crazy jeans. He wore a dread that had most of its locks loosed. On his left hand was a largely tattooed drawing of a scorpion. He had some cuts here and there on his face. In between his index and pinky finger was a large stick of cigarette.

Goosebumps decorated Anuoluwa’s skin. She was frightened and felt like vanishing into thin air. She had no clue why the man was running with such velocity towards her but she felt it would mean no good. The vehicles were still racing past the road in speed so it still wasn’t safe to cross over to the other side.

In the twinkle of an eye, the ferocious-looking guy was by her side. Anuoluwa stood transfixed to the ground as a lot of prayers were being made in her mind.

The guy looked angrily at the Lebanese and shouted at him.
‘Where are you taking her to!?’
‘ I…Emmm…She…She’s taking me…’ He stuttered.
‘ Before I open my eyes now, disappear!!!’

Before Anuoluwa could say Jack, the Lebanese guy had run off. Anuoluwa couldn’t understand what just happened until her angel explained.

‘I had been watching you from the park ahead. I knew he had gotten his way with you when you began to follow him. He would have taken you to a no man’s land with his counterpart and they would have taken all your valuables and assaulted you. Those guys use voodoo that’s why I shouted the way I did so you’d snap out of whatever he used to speak to you. Just be very careful next time so you’d not fall into this kind of mess again. You might not be so lucky.’

‘Thanks so much sir. God would bless you. I don’t know what would have happened to me if you didn’t help me’. Anuoluwa thanked him profusely.

As he turned to leave, Anuoluwapo retrospected how she had misjudged her savior just by his appearance.

Dear friends,
Appearance matters but looks can be very deceptive!
Not everyone looking like an angel is one.
Not everyone dressed like the devil works with him.
The bible says that the devil himself disguises himself as an angel of light.
It takes discernment to know what’s wrong, what’s almost right, and what’s right!
May we never be deceived or fall into the hands of evil men!!!

Mordi Comfort is a storyteller, creative writer, event host, and organizer. She uses stories to pass messages, to relate relevant life experiences, and to bring about positive changes in people’s lives.
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